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Here you see views under the other ground as the cock sees her. The floor view is very nice to look at.

Have a look as women play with the cock, have a look as women simply run over the cock,

the cock gets to feel the full weight of the women, the cock is squashed mercilessly below the feet and shoes.

under glass - pov - upskirt

Hello. Since my childhood beautiful women have fascinated me with her beautiful legs, feet and shoes.

I love to watch beautiful women in her beautiful shoes.

I love to watch from the view of the floor, and I would like very much to be the floor which must carry and bear

this beautiful woman with her beautiful shoes.

I love the topic Cock Crush or Cock Trampling and the women very much also like to work in this area,

they enjoy it to work off her dominance. We are a team and both pages enjoy it.


All Models are at least 18 Years of age.